Alcohol: Making Sex More Complicated

In America, sex and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or a fish and a bicycle. Or desire and guilt.

Consciously or not, people combine alcohol and sex for four main reasons: to increase desire, disinhibit themselves or a partner, cope with pain, or manage anxiety.

Unfortunately, mixing alcohol and sex can have some very unwanted consequences. For starters…

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What Is Kinky Sex? Does It Matter?

What Is kinky sex? Does It matter?

There’s actually no exact definition of kink, so feel free to say that what you do is or isn’t kinky.

Your sexuality is an experience, not a category. Shakespeare had it right—a rose smells the same no matter what you call it.

But you might be more willing to smell something if I told you it was a flower rather than a skunk. And so some people stay away from exploring sexual behaviors they might enjoy just because they think the activities are “kinky”—“and,” they emphasize, “I’m not a kinky person.”

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