It’s NOT A War on Women

Criminalizing surgical abortion and abortion pills, demonizing fertility treatments like IVF, limiting contraceptive access and the Morning After pill—many media call this a War on Women.

No it isn’t.

As I first described in my 2012 book, it’s a War On Sex.

Framing this as a War on Women is a political mistake. It’s why there hasn’t been sufficient outcry from men about these various limits on THEIR rights.

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Bill Baird: Birth Control (& Abortion) Hero Turns 90

If you’ve ever used birth control, or if you cherish Roe v Wade, you are in debt to Bill Baird. Today is his 90th birthday.

Do you remember when it was illegal to send condoms through the U.S. mail? Do you remember when all forms of contraception were illegal for unmarried people?

Baird personally changed this.

And paid a huge personal price—including imprisonment 8 different times.

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